Food Orders and Delivery: Upgrading Your App to Serve Your Customers Better

Have you started working on improving or upgrading your restaurant app to serve your customers better? Here are a few things you will focus on, taking the current situation into consideration.

Orders and Delivery

Restaurant apps that make food ordering and delivery super-fast, easy, and convenient isn’t a new thing. Nevertheless, with the need for social distancing and higher levels of safety, these apps are certainly becoming a lot more advanced and improvised. Soon, they are likely to be loaded with extra features to make your food ordering process a much more pleasant and fulfilled one from end to end.

You can also create an app for restaurant self table order system that will guarantee the level of safety that’s very essential given the current situation. This way, customers could walk into your restaurant as they please, and place their orders without having to have even eye contact, let alone any physical contact.


This again isn’t a new feature that a restaurant app offers the clients. Nevertheless, adding a couple of options for payment might certainly make your app a lot more client friendly. Not everyone would use standard methods of payment or money transfer. Thus, you might want to look for all possible options that you could use for payment.

A lot of people complain about having experienced issues making payment, receiving reversals, and other similar issues. It is important that such problems are minimal or completely eliminated in your restaurant app. If such issues do take place with your current application, it’s important to have them addressed and fixed with the support of a technical experts. This way, you get to serve your clients better, and your business will retain its reputation amidst the current crisis.

Inquiries and Special Notes

It is quite obvious that, with an app, it’s not completely possible to have default options for specific or special needs in a client’s order. However, what you could do is have an option for clients to enter their message, particularly notes and inquiries related to their order. It might sound like a complex feature, but your customers would indeed be extremely grateful that you’ve got the facility as it would offer them an experience similar to what they have when placing orders in person.

Suggestions and Feedback

Customer feedback and suggestions are super important for your business to improve and grow. Every app offers this option, and clients are often super enthusiastic on providing their feedback. It’s a feature that they would appreciate having, and is also a sign that you are a genuinely committed business who care about client needs and overall satisfaction.


Complains aren’t quite similar to suggestions or feedback. However, they are as crucial as the latter. There could be possibilities of minute errors taking place where customer orders or payment is concerned. If these mistakes were not technical you might need to look into what went wrong on your side. The only way to address it and learn from your mistake is by allowing your customer to express and explain them. Therefore, having a facility to lodge complains is certainly one that every app must have!

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